The PAX Online event is currently in full swing, and with it we get a bunch of new Indie game announcements and gameplay. This time we have Eldest Souls, which looks like yet another 2D indie soulslike, There is a demo available now on Steam if you feel like trying it out first, plus a speedrunning contest if you fancy competing for a free copy.

Eldest Souls is quite obviously inspired by the popular Dark Souls series, but with a 2D top-down pixel art twist, and a more boss-rush gameplay focus. It also seems to take a little bit of inspiration from the works of Lovecraft. You can check out the official Eldest Souls PAX Online teaser trailer below:

You can download the demo on Steam now, where an expanded set of rules and guidelines can also be found for the official Eldest Souls September speedrunning contest. There are 3 categories you can enter into, and if you win you can bag yourself a free copy of Eldest Souls.

What do you think? Are you excited for Eldest Souls? What other soulslikes do you enjoy? Let us know!

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