We are not that far away from the official launch of Crysis Remastered, which will be releasing as an Epic Games Store exclusive on September 18th, and as a celebration for all things PC gaming Crytek have released a brand new 4K screenshot running on the PC-exclusive “Can It Run Crysis?” Graphic mode.

Apparently, this new graphics feature is designed to utilize every bit of your PC hardware with unlimited settings, not many other details were given than that but it certainly sounds exciting! Also, a Reddit user by the name of Filipi_7 managed to nab some screenshots of the original game as a comparison, which you can check out below:

As you can see, the Remastered version has tonnes of stuff to talk about that involves graphical improvements over the original, including better geometry detail (I mean just look at those mountains), better textures, higher draw distance, shadow rendering distance, volumetric fog etc. Not to mention just better art direction overall, as the island now looks like an actual tropical island rather than some dark and grey landscape.

It's still interesting that these graphics don't exactly reflect the official Crysis Remastered PC system requirements which were not what we expected. Hopefully we'll be getting some updated specs soon at least.

But if you were wondering how this compares to the recently released Crysis Enhanced Edition mod, Filipi_7 also managed to grab a screenshot of the same place with the mod as well, so you can get a direct comparison below:

If you want to look at and download the full 4K resolution image of the new Crysis Remastered, then you can go here.

What do you think? Are you excited for Crysis Remastered? Do you like the new graphics? Let us know!

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