Companies have been getting a lot more reactive with their reveals lately, one of which includes treasure hunt-style mysteries in big games to generate hype for a new launch, most notably in some of the biggest Battle Royale games these past few years. Well, AMD seems to have teased their upcoming next-gen GPUs in Fortnite, sparking speculation of an imminent announcement for their RDNA2-based graphics cards.

After Nvidia quite frankly blew a lot of us out the water with their official RTX 30 series reveal, many have been wondering what AMD is set to offer with their line of next-gen GPUs which are still scheduled to release before next-gen consoles this year.

It isn’t exactly confirmed by AMD just yet, but a custom AMD map within Fortnite had a secret room you could enter with a message that said “something big is coming to the AMD Battle Arena!” Now normally this could mean anything, like a new game mode or crazy map design etc. But the code that got you into the secret room? That was the number 6000, which is clearly a reference to AMD’s next-gen Radeon RX 6000 series graphics cards based on the RDNA2 architecture.

So, yeah, that pretty much confirms that AMD is planning a reveal soon, as they were most likely waiting to see what Nvidia would offer us first. Additionally, it was an AMD-sponsored streamer on Facebook who first got access to the room showcasing the secret message, which just adds to the speculation.

Finally, several AMD employees have been teasing the next-gen AMD GPUs and their performance after Nvidia's RTX 30 series reveal, with the infamous Scott Herkelman (who is previously known for his bait-and-switch maneuvers) seemingly teasing equivalent performance to the RTX 30 series graphics cards.

AMD has been quite hush about their next-gen graphics cards recently, and the company is known for under hyping their products so that they can overdeliver on performance, so all this is pointing towards a strong launch by AMD at least. I can’t see AMD matching the RTX 3090 performance though, but then again that graphics card is aimed more towards creatives and Studio work rather than actual gaming (even if it is the world’s first 8K consumer GPU).

What do you think? Do you think we’ll be seeing a Radeon RX 6000 announcement soon? How do you think RDNA2 will compare to Nvidia’s Ampere? Let us know your thoughts!

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