The Serious Sam franchise has accumulated a pretty big cult following ever since the first game came out. Now Serious Sam 4 is launching next month and publisher Devolver Digital as well as developers Croteam are counting down to launch with a behind the scenes video in preparation for the September 24th release date.

This is the first in a series of 5 videos that will be released every week up until Serious Sam 4 officially releases. The series, called “Against All Odds”, details the developers’ journey through the years and how they got there. The first video is available below, and is a nice heartfelt BTS about the development of the original game, check it out now:

Serious Sam 4 is a prequel to Serious Sam 3, and judging by fan reactions to the third installment, I think we’ll be seeing some retconning in order to get the series back to the way it was. SS4 also looks to be the most hectic and action-packed Serious Sam yet (if you can believe it).

What do you think? Are you excited for Serious Sam 4? What’s your favorite Serious Sam game? Let us know!

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