Nvidia is getting ready to officially announce their next generation of graphics cards with the RTX 30 series based on the Ampere architecture, and a couple of days ago they teased something big coming in the next few weeks. That teaser, it turned out, has been officially revealed as a countdown to a “GeForce Special Event” taking place on September 1st.

Whilst it’s pretty obvious that this event will be to officially announce the next-gen lineup of cards, actual details are still quite hush hush at the moment. But now, according to some sources online, both Nvidia themselves as well as their Add-in Board (AIB) partners will be launching their founders edition and custom cards respectively will be launching at the same time.

That means we won’t have to wait for custom third-party designs to launch at a later time. Although they might not be launching on the exact same date, we can expect the AIBs to launch very soon after at least.

That’s a pretty big deal if you ask me, because if this is in fact true then that means Nvidia won’t be forcing PC players to get Nvidia’s own designs over third-party manufacturers if they want to get the new lineup ASAP. It also means that we won’t have to settle for that official design that was leaked a while ago (which many considered to be quite ugly looking).

However you felt about Nvidia’s own design, it sure looks intriguing, with an irregular sized PCB and an updated heatsink design. Hopefully this special event will also confirm whether rumors of a 12-pin power connector are true.

What do you think? Are you excited for the next-gen lineup? How do you feel about Founders Edition and custom AIB cards launching at the same time? And which one do you prefer? Let us know!

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"I wonder why Nvidia even bothers with their own design. 98% prefer a strong cooling solution for their high-end card and that is something only other manufacturers seem to even bother with. They should just sell the chips to the AIB partners directly, which is highly profitable in and of itself."
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