The recent PC release of Persona 4 Golden has garnered a lot of success from fans, and seems to have convinced Sega to continue porting their games to the PC platform: “we will continue to actively promote porting previously released titles to Steam and new platforms,” they said in response to a question about possibly more games coming to PC.

This means we’ll probably be seeing more of Sega’s titles on PC soon and most likely will start with more Persona/Atlus titles and the long-awaited Yakuza series on PC. There’s no word on which games they specifically have planned to bring to PC next, but we imagine it will most likely be something from those franchises.

Of course, it helps that the games received very good PC ports as well, and Sega won’t just be doing this to old titles it seems as they will be focusing on it for future games in development too: “we are also negotiating with platform holders for new games in the future, and we’re considering ways to sell under favorable conditions for each title. Among them are measures such as preparing PC versions of the titles from the beginning, with multi-platform releases in mind.

What do you think? Are you excited for more Sega PC ports? Which titles or franchises would you like to see the most on PC? Let us know!

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"I want P5 Royal, and hopefully by the time I'm over with Yakuza kiwami and K2 the rest 3 games will also be available "