Warner Brothers recently announced that they will be holding a DC FanDome event on August 22nd, for all things related to the DC universe. This includes movies, TV shows, comics and, of course, video games. Well today Rocksteady, the developers of the Batman Arkham series, confirmed that their upcoming Suicide Squad game will be shown at the event.

So now we have official confirmation that the team is indeed working on a game based on the Suicide Squad game. There was no mention of another Batman title unfortunately, even if it was rumored when both the Suicide Squad and “Gotham Knights” website domains were acquired by Warner Brothers. Here is the official tweet from Rocksteady:

The developers captioned the tweet with a mysterious “Target locked - #DCFanDome - August 22. #suicidesquadgame” along with the picture of Superman and a target on his head.

So it’s safe to assume that the game will somehow revolve around Superman, and possibly trying to terminate him. This could in fact line up with the standalone Superman game that was rumored to be in development by Rocksteady, so it’s possible many assets from that were transferred over to this Suicide Squad game.

Still though, very little is known about the title other than what I have just mentioned, so the table is set for some serious theory crafting for the next 2 weeks!

What do you think? Are you excited for a Suicide Squad game by Rocksteady? What could it possibly be about? And do you think Batman will make an appearance either in-game or as a standalone title at the event as well? Let us know!

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