When gameplay for the upcoming Halo Infinite debuted at the Xbox Games Showcase last week, it was only for the campaign, and multiplayer was noticeably lacking. After the showcase, 343 clarified that there will indeed be another Xbox Games Showcase where they would show off the multiplayer. But a new rumor suggests that Halo Infinite’s multiplayer could go free to play, along with a typical Battle Pass system, and now 343 have officially confirmed it.

The leak started with, as they usually do, a retailer accidentally posting some information early. That retailer was Smyths Toys, who apparently leaked the multiplayer info before quickly pulling it down. But one lucky insider was able to snap up a screenshot and provide a few more details regarding Halo Infinite’s multiplayer.

Famed leaker Klobrille (who previously reported Fable 4’s announcement a week before the official reveal) added to the rumor: “Since everyone is covering this topic, I might just go ahead as well. Halo Infinite multiplayer will be free-to-play. Arena aims for 120fps on Xbox Series X. Battle Pass system. Customization options completely new to Halo.

That’s all interesting stuff, as there’s a blend of old and new features to the Halo franchise. Most notably the introduction of a Battle Pass system could spark some controversy. Then again Halo multiplayer is such an iconic part of the series that turning it F2P would mean some sort of revenue would have to come from somewhere. And if it’s just purely for cosmetic items, then I don’t think it will be much of an issue.

The rumor quickly spread around online gaining lots of traction, which clearly spurred Microsoft to jump in at the best moment, officially confirming that Halo Infinite will indeed have a free to play multiplayer as well as 120fps performance on the Xbox Series X.

"Halo is for everyone. We can confirm #HaloInfinite multiplayer will be free-to-play and will support 120FPS on Xbox Series X. More details will be shared later!"

Unfortunately, they didn't confirm whether Halo Infinite will indeed include a Battle Pass system. But considering how fans are reacting to the news, the line "more details will be shared later!" sounds like they don't exactly want to reveal that just yet, and I wouldn't exactly be surprised if they decided to take it out last minute.

What do you think? Should Halo Infinite have a free-to-play multiplayer? How do you feel about a Battle Pass system? Let us know!

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