Activision recently revealed that From Software’s samurai-slashing soulslike Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice has sold over 5 million copies since launch, and to celebrate they are releasing a brand new update that includes an all new Boss Rush mode (also known as Reflections and Gauntlets of Strength), new character skins, and extra social features called “remnants”.

The free update is coming on October 29th, the first new feature, Gauntlets of Strength, is a new Boss Rush mode that sounds like you’ll be revisiting and fighting against every single boss in the game, but dying once will return you back to the beginning. Reflections are another part of this, but instead allows you to revisit each individual boss to practice for the gauntlet mode.

There are also skins coming to Sekiro, so you can customize the main character with up to 3 additional skins with this update. Two of which have already been revealed called “Tengu” and “Old Ashina Shinobi”. Two out of these three new outfits are unlocked by playing the new Gauntlet mode, whilst the third is unlocked for completing the main game. They are purely cosmetic, and add no gameplay benefits.

The final addition in the update are what’s called “remnants”, these are the game’s Dark Souls-style messaging system, which was noticeably absent from the base game. However, these new messages actually also include a short video recording up to 30 seconds and can be tagged with some text as well, allowing players to reveal hidden secrets, or useful strategies, or even warnings of danger to new and old players.

Remnants will become available to watch and create your own after the game’s tutorial. If another player watches and rates your Remnant then you will receive an HP boost for free without the use of items or a Healing Gourd.

What do you think? Are you excited for the new Sekiro update? Will you be jumping into the Boss Rush mode? And what’s your favorite soulslike? Let us know!

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