Just in case you were wondering whether Bioware is still working on Dragon Age 4, or put it on the back bench for now as most of the team works from home and still committed to overhauling Anthem, then don’t worry because executive producer Mark Darrah recently tweeted that yes, they are still working hard on the next Dragon Age game.

Unfortunately there’s nothing more to it than that, any information that we’re getting at the moment on DA4 is being very slowly drip fed to us, just so that we don’t forget. It’s still years away from being finished though, but thankfully there doesn’t seem to be anything major holding the team back right now.

I realize that most of you are here for Dragon Age news and there hasn't been a lot of that lately… Let me just run down some things I [can] say: 1. We are working on the next Dragon Age 2. Yes we are working from home 3. Working from home is harder  4. We are making progress

He later responded to his own tweet with “I honestly don't understand the pickup of this… Am I magic?” Seemingly unaware at the newsworthiness of such an announcement because, let’s be honest, all that Dragon Age fans want is another Dragon Age game, whether that’s 6 years on from the last one, or 5 minutes since release, we just want more!

The last bit of info we got for Dragon Age 4 were a few little rendered screenshots during the EA Play Live event, and before that a teaser trailer back in 2018. At this rate we’ll be getting a proper trailer in 2022.

What do you think? Are you excited for Dragon Age 4? What do you think it will be about? And when will we hear or see anything else about it? Let us know!

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