Many of us are very excited for the PC release of Kojima’s latest venture with Death Stranding, in fact it’s releasing on PC today and has already been available for pre-load, but when exactly does it unlock in your region? Thankfully, the details have already been announced so that we can start playing as soon as the play button goes green.

Death Stranding releases on Steam and the Epic Games Store today (July 14th), and will be available to play (provided you have pre-loaded the game already) at exactly 7am PST, 10am PDT, 3pm BST, and 11pm JP. A new PC launch trailer was also revealed yesterday to celebrate the launch which you can watch below:

Along with some new graphical options to tinker with and tweak to our liking, Death Stranding PC includes unlocked frame rates, ultrawide screen monitor support, and some exclusive Half-Life content included in the game.

If you’d like to see how well the game runs on various GPUs so you can prepare for the PC launch, you can check out our Death Stranding PC performance report and graphics card benchmarks article. Or if you’d like to see which graphics options are best to turn all the way up, and which to turn all the way down for the best optimization when the game officially launches, then have a look at our Death Stranding Most Important Graphics Options article.

What do you think? Are you excited for Death Stranding on PC? Have you pre-loaded the game already? Let us know!

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"Only Steam users had the option to pre-load Death Stranding, but I guess that shouldn't be surprising by now. 505 Games mentioned it a while back here."