It’s the end of the week, and that means more games free on the Epic Games Store. Two weeks ago The Escapists 2 was supposed to be part of the free deal, but something went wrong and it was never released. Now it seems like Epic Games has fixed the problem, and The Escapists 2 along with Killing Floor 2 and Lifeless Planet are free on the Epic Games Store this week.

That’s a pretty wide range of experiences if you ask me, going from an action-horror FPS, to a comedic prison breakout sim, to an atmospheric adventure-mystery game set on Mars. So you’ll have all the choice available to you when you can’t figure out what to play this weekend. Here’s a quick breakdown of each game that’s free on the Epic Games Store this week:


Killing Floor 2

In KILLING FLOOR 2, players descend into continental Europe after it has been overrun by horrific, murderous clones called Zeds that were created by rogue elements of the Horzine Corporation. 6-player Co-Op & 12-player VS Zed-slaughtering mayhem.

It’s bloody, it’s horrifying, it’s the sequel to the excellent Killing Floor, oh and it’s got Gary Busey as a hellish Santa Claus. Killing Floor has got your typical wave-based horde mode setup as the basic foundations, but there’s a lot more to it than just that. Play alone or with friends, and for the first time you can play as the horrific monsters themselves if you want.

The Escapists 2

Risk it all to breakout from the toughest prisons in the world. Explore the biggest prisons yet! You’ll have to live by the prison rules, attending roll call, doing prison jobs and following strict routines; all the while engineering your bid for freedom!

I already covered what The Escapists 2 is last week, but here’s a quick recap: try your luck at breaking out of some of the world’s toughest prisons either alone or with friends. Try to balance progress without letting the guards know what you’re doing. It’s got all the bells, whistles, and classic tropes of classic prison films and TV shows.

Lifeless Planet

While seeking life on a distant planet, an astronaut discovers an abandoned Russian town. He suspects his mission is a hoax until a mysterious young woman saves him from a strange and deadly phenomenon...

I chose the PlayStation 4 trailer here because frankly it just looked a bit nicer. This is quite an odd game, but a very unique experience nonetheless. There are puzzles to solve which will require wits and skill to overcome, and players must use their limited-use jetpack as well as a mobile robotic arm in order to do so.

The Premier Edition is included in the free game deal, and it includes new and original music, some additional audio and text logs, new models and other improvements to the visuals.


So there you have it, 3 free games all for the price of absolutely nothing this week. And next week looks like we’ll be getting Torchlight 2 for free, plus another game I would imagine. With all these free games now my backlog is just getting worse and worse, how are you faring? Especially after the Steam Summer Sale just finished.

What do you think? Which games are you most excited to play for free? What other games would you like to see go free next week? And how’s your backlog doing now? Let us know!