The incredibly ambitious and player-driven sci-fi MMO Dual Universe finally has a Beta launch date, which will allow anyone who purchases the subscription model to gain access. The official Beta release date is August 27th, and we got a brand new cinematic trailer to celebrate the announcement which provides a clearer picture to the actual story present.

Dual Universe is a rather ambitious title as it allows players to pretty much do whatever the hell they want. In this MMO, every ship built, every house constructed, and battle waged over large-scale civilizations are all driven by the players. Create your own factions and nations, claim your own territory and buy, sell, or trade goods with other players. It’s a pretty crazy idea if you ask me, but nevertheless you can check out the new story trailer below:

According to the developers Novaquark, the subscriptions for Dual Universe include either 3 months for $20.97, 6 months for $38.45, or 12 months for $69.90, averaging around $6.41 each month, more or less depending on the level.

Alternatively you can buy an Alpha Pack, which will grant you access to the current Alpha as well as the upcoming Beta and 3 free months of subscription.

The full launch for Dual Universe is planned for 2021, and the developers claim that the subscription model will not change in price at that point, so you don’t have to expect any major price hikes when the MMO eventually does come out.

What do you think? Are you excited for Dual Universe? What other MMO games do you play? Let us know!

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