Hideo Kojima has a habit of posting cryptic messages and images online to send fnas in a flurry over what he could be working on next. He recently posted that he wanted to make “the scariest horror game and no that wasn’t about Silent Hills or the PT demo. But a recent image now hints that his next game could be a sequel to the successful, yet highly controversial, Death Stranding.

It could just be another game set in the Death Stranding universe though, and not exactly a Death Stranding 2. All we know is that the image Kojima posted included concept art that mysteriously had the word “Bridges” written on a sci-fi looking vehicle of some sort. Bridges is the company in which Norman Reedus’ character works for in Death Stranding’s story.

The caption for the post reads: "Working on the concept with listening to “OASIS” by Kitaro I recently bought. I(I used to have the vinyl) Love the illustration by Shusei Nagaoka." Check out the images posted below as well as the Bridges name and logo tease:

A fan account on Twitter called FrenchStranding spotted the image and *ahem* zoomed in and enhanced on the image (okay, not enhanced, but I always wanted to say that) which revealed the name on the vehicle:

Norman Reedus was also in talks with Hideo Kojima earlier this year to discuss more Death Stranding “stuff” which suggested either DLC or a full sequel was on the table. So we could be seeing a Death Stranding 2 at some point, hopefully this time we won’t have to wait so long between small reveals.

Death Stranding is also finally making it’s way to PC, and after being delayed due to COVID-19 it will finally launch in just a couple weeks, perfect timing for Kojima to start getting some hype built up for a sequel. The official Death Stranding PC system requirements have also been revealed.

What do you think? Would you be excited for a Death Stranding sequel? What else could Kojima be working on? Let us know!