There’s been a lot of controversy going around online at the moment regarding the recent critic review scores for Naughty Dog’s latest title The Last Of Us Part 2, its only been out for just under half a day now in the US, and it has already started to (unsurprisingly) get review bombed by many users. It now ranks as a measly 3.4 under user reviews on Metacritic.

It’s unclear where this all started, I mean for one: there’s a lot of LGBT and Trans characters being portrayed, which would make sense to anger a good portion of an audience. Then there’s also all the extensive leaks that were released ahead of the game’s launch, which not many fans took kindly to the divisive plot points presented in the story. LOUP2 also has some of the highest rated reviews on Metacritic, gaining a certified 95 critic score, which has understandably caught the eye of some suspicious customers.

There’s also the fact that The Last of Us Part II was delayed twice since it’s initial February release date, which got pushed back to May due to development delays, then delayed again to June 19th due to the current COVID-19 pandemic.

So yeah, there’s lots of reasons why The Last of Us Part 2 is getting heavily review bombed, but if there’s one thing for certain it’s that a lot of these reviews are giving it 0/10 for no apparent reason. With a 20/30 hours game on their hands, many of these reviewers have probably barely played through the entire game, or maybe not even at all.

And review bombing is nothing new to the industry, as fans get upset by the way developers handle a game they are excited for, and the conscious feeling of untrustworthy reviews. But it’s the reasons for the review bombing that are a bit iffy here, no one really knows why, but something has clearly sparked a campaign of negative reviews for The Last of Us 2.

What do you think of the review bombing? Have you played The Last of Us Part 2? What are your thoughts on it? And what’s your thoughts on review bombing in general? Let us know!