EA Play Live took place yesterday, and there was some pretty big news  to come out of it. Not only did we get to see some actual gameplay for Star Wars: Squadrons, but the bombshell of Skate 4’s announcement was also a highlight. However, EA tried to play coy and give us a little tease as to what’s coming with a next-gen tech teaser that showed off a bit of Dragon Age 4 and Battlefield 6.

Obviously, it’s not exactly a trailer, or even gameplay, they are just tech demos really, but at least we know that Electronic Arts is still planning to develop a new Dragon age game, as well as a new Battlefield experience. It’s all quite pretty to look at, and we could probably delve into every minute detail about the shots, but we’ll just let you have a look for yourselves first. Jump straight to the 44:00 mark to see Greg Miller introduce EA’s chief studios officer, Laura Miele, for the future of gaming tech teaser. Or jump straight to 44:57 to see the actual footage itself.

So there’s a lot to unpack there, not only with a new Dragon Age or Battlefield game, but there was some pretty stunning looking cars from Criterion, as well as a new game from EA Motive (the team behind the upcoming Star Wars: Squadrons) which seems to be based heavily on some physics-based interactions.

In terms of the Dragon Age stuff, there were just a few screenshots on show that detailed some really cool looking environments, and some sinister looking Red Lyrium. But that was about it unfortunately. Of course we already know that there is a new Dragon Age being developed back in 2018, but we can’t expect it’s official release until sometime in 2022. Hopefully we’ll get a bit more info before then though.

As for Battlefield, we saw a lot of guys running around on screen and dying, a pretty standard war experience if you ask me. Now either this is just for the campaign, or it means we can see larger-scale multiplayer battles with either more players, or even packs of AI characters like with Titanfall. Either way, that was a pretty damn realistic looking face we got to see at least.

What do you think? Are you excited for these next-gen games? What do you think those Dragon Age 4 screenshots are? And what could the massive battles for Battlefield mean exactly? Let us know!