Konami’s reputation recently has been a bit… Well let’s just say it hasn’t been the best ever since they pretty much abandoned some of the biggest game series in history and started focusing on game-related pachinko machines (which are essentially slot machines in Japan). The company seemingly quit publishing big PC and console games too, after the release of Metal Gear Solid 5 came the cancellation of Silent Hills and the abysmal attempt of Metal Gear Survive. But now they’re getting back into the publishing business... by starting out with indie games.

When speaking to the press recently, Richard Jones, Konami’s senior brand manager and business development manager of Konami Europe, said that the reason that Konami has launched a third-party publisher is in order to “bulk out our portfolio” by publishing games to audiences outside of Japan too. “We’re looking to work with external studios of all sizes, up to double-A and beyond at some point,” so we might see some AAA titles in the future at least.

We are looking to complement what is going on in Japan. So the dev teams in Japan are continuing to work on the Konami IP. And we will continue to publish those titles. And so the idea of what this programme offers is the chance for us at Konami Europe, and my colleagues in the US as well, is to find complementary titles.

Jones continued on to say that Konami’s resources are also beneficial as most indie studios won’t have access to them. These include resources such as QA testing, distribution, marketing, and localisation. 

He also mentioned that the new type of audience they are targeting is “premium PC and console” players. However, they will remain “platform agnostic” and have no interest in making exclusivity deals with Steam or the Epic Games Store… for now at least.

Maybe we’ll finally get a Metal Gear Solid series remaster on PC, or maybe even MGS6. Either way it looks like Konami is back in the PC and console publishing business and they look to be on track, hopefully.

What do you think? Are you excited for Konami to be publishing games again? Will we ever see the return of Silent Hills? How will this affect the indie publishing scene? Let us know your thoughts!