There was an article earlier this month, describing the state of development for Dying Light 2 within Techland’s studio, and rising conflicts between the game’s director, Adrian Ciszewski, and external writer, Chris Avellone. The Polish report stated that the game has been in development hell and “is a total mess.” However, in a recent interview with the press, the senior PR manager Ola Sondej explained that these reports were inaccurate, and that the game is actually in the final stretch of development.

The article includes many inaccuracies which we tried to rectify in the materials we provided the author,” Sondej mentions about the Polish report, “the foundations remain the same since we have started work on production.” So it looks like development is actually going pretty well, refuting the idea that there was a problem with the game’s lack of direction.

Also mentioned in the report was a rise in conflict between the game’s director and external writer Chris Avellone. However Sondej provided a quote from Avellone saying that there is no evidence of this conflict, that he enjoys working on Dying Light 2, and that compromises are always present in any design job, including gameplay and narrative. Avellone later followed up by confirming this quote with the press.

While Adrian Ciszewski and I discussed story, I never felt like there was any conflict. It’s normal for all design elements to be iterated on, not just narrative. Story is a key element for Dying Light 2, and it’s important to the team and I to get it right,” he said.

Dying Light 2 was originally delayed indefinitely from an initial Spring 2020 release date. But the lead game designer Tymon Smektala said that the studio is in “the last stretch for this project” and that there should be an announcement soon, but doesn’t confirm when that would be.

There’s a whole team at Techland that works on the announcement of the release date for the game and every piece of info that accompanies it, and I know they want to surprise players, so I don’t want to spoil it for them or our community,” he says.

Hopefully this all means that DL2 is still on track and that we might be getting an official announcement soon. With so many online showcases and festivals going on over Summer, it would be likely to at least hear something since that last gameplay demonstration from late last year.

What do you think? Are you excited for the next Dying Light game? And will we hear more about Dying Light 2 soon? Let us know!