Remakes have been getting quite a bad rep recently, and whether you think they deserve it or not, some developers are changing up the incentive to release their new and shiny coats of paint. The TrackMania Nations Remake seems to have done just that, but is also offering some extensive yearly subscription models for those who want more content out of their games.

Essentially there are 3 tiers of access now, Starter Access, Standard Access, and Club Access, essentially being 3 different ways of opting in to the game. The base tier, the Start Access, is actually releasing for completely free, and anyone can download Trackmania Nations Remake to play either solo or multiplayer. This will include quarterly renewed official campaigns including 25 free tracks, plus (presumably limited) access to other player’s creations in the Arcade channel, various editors (for tracks, replays and even skins), and access to the weekly Nations League for casual competitions.

Past this you have the Standard Access which will be available for a yearly subscription cost of $9.99, and gives players access to the “Track of the Day” selection, full access to the editors, replay, and map review servers as well as all the content from the free version mentioned above. Plus Standard Access players will be able to participate in daily competitions and even keep every “Track of the day” and “official” campaign tracks.

Finally we have the Club Access tier, which is available for a yearly subscription cost of $29.99 or instead 3 years for $59.99. This premium tier will give players access to everything mentioned above as well as allowing players to join their favorite clubs to access exclusive content and activities such as skin customization, special campaigns, online rooms, training tracks and all sorts of  competitions. Players who buy this tier will also be able to create their own club in order to share their own creations and even organize certain events. On top of that, Club Access will allow players to participate in the Open Grand League where players can compete to try and qualify for the Trackmania Grand League.

So it seems like these 3 tiers are promoted to cater towards different types of players, from casual gamers who just want to hop in for a bit of fun, to the serious competitors who want to compete in the major leagues.

What’s also good is that once your subscription expires and you don’t renew for another year, you’ll be able to keep all the content you downloaded whilst you were paying for the subscription including all of the tracks of the day and official campaign tracks you downloaded.

The Trackmania Nations Remake was originally planned to release on May 5th 2020, but got pushed back due to the COVID-19 pandemic to a July 1st release date, and it will be a Uplay and Epic Games Store exclusive.

What do you think of the subscription model? Is this a good way for being accessible to players? Or is the subscription model a typical cash grab system? Let us know your thoughts on this!