There’s a certain charm when it comes to building games, and I mean games about building things rather than the actual act of building video games as a studio. Satisfactory is one of those games and shares the same kind of melancholic wonder of Minecraft or Factorio one where players can endlessly build large structures and complexes. But the Early Access of Satisfactory has currently only been exclusive to the Epic Games Store, but the studio recently revealed that the long-awaited Steam release is happening very soon, less than 2 weeks soon in fact.

After delaying the Steam launch date several times (even referencing a fabled May 33rd release date in one of their videos), Satisfactory will officially arrive on Steam on June 8th. So mark your calendars if you’ve been waiting for this one!

It will still remain in Early Access on Steam and receive updates at the same time as the Epic Games Store. There’s no word on whether cross-platform play will be available between the Epic Store or Steam yet, but more information about the release will be available next week.

From the creators of Sanctum, Deep Rock Galactic, and, yes, Goat Simulator, Satisfactory is a first-person factory building sim developed by Coffee Stain Studios and coming to Steam on June 8th.

What do you think? Are you excited for the release of Satisfactory on Steam? Or have you already been playing on the Epic Games Store? Let us know!