A flood of issues are being reported unfortunately for Sega’s newly ported Phantasy Star Online 2. Its a free to play MMORPG but during the porting from the Japanese version of the game to the just released North American version of PSO2 a number of people are reporting significant FPS drops and bugs, despite the really low system requirements and even having solid and sometimes powerful modern graphics cards for an 8 year old title.

We are seeing some people saying that they ran Phantasy Star Online 2 on the JP servers at Max graphics settings 8 years ago at launch on a super weak laptop and yet now, years later, with more powerful hardware they experience frame rate drops and issues.

Thanks for this. I ran JP at max at launch with a laptop waaaay weaker than the one im using now.

PHS02 was able to hit 60fps fine on JP on a far worse laptop 8 years ago, I don't see why it should be struggling now. Seems like it's been horribly optimised when translating for NA.

And of course its considered to be the client server issues on the new NA servers by some gamers, when compared to the Japanese servers.

100% this is the NA clients/server fault. On JP server I had zero issues with a gtx 760.

Some other gamers have experienced most of their stuttering and frame rate drops in the lobby area and someone else we saw said that they think this could be because of attempted network connection and causing its slowdown.

I think the stuttering in lobby is because of networking. Game is really smooth in the little loading area with the portal and once in game. You can also try lowering the number of displayed characters.

A response to this seems to be 

Turn off ‘video playback in lobbies’ if you only have lobby frame drops. That fixed it for me

And then another mentioned this as a possible fix to the stuttering 

After enabling variable refresh rate in settings>system>display>graphics settings i'm running at a smooth 144fps. Hope this helps!

However, gamers feel that certain stutters that are experienced in Phantasy Star Online 2 are just part of the game as it's quite old now and they had witnessed it on other platforms in the same spot. The game is getting a little old now, having been released originally on July 4th 2012 for PC. 

A gamer playing Phantasy Star Online 2 with a pretty powerful Ryzen 9 3900X processor and Nvidia GeForce GTX 1070 Ti graphics card said they spotted it stuttering but felt that it happened in the Xbox version as well, at the same points.

Pretty sure issue is in the game because it's the same stutters from xbox one

At the moment we are still researching these bugs ourselves and will update this as we discover more issues and fixes to these frame rate drops as the information and tests come in. Have you guys tried the free to play Phantasy Star Online 2 yet? And how has it run for you? Drop in to the comments section below to let us know your thoughts on how to sort out these stuttering issues. Here is a link to download the game Phantasy Star Online 2 for free if you haven't tried it yet.

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"This isn't even scratching the surface, for no reason whatsoever the game just uninstalls itseft after you restart. And it doesn't give you back the space so you end up with like 60+ gigs of unusable space. The game itself is amazing but Microsoft is killing all the hype I had for it."
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