If you watched the cinematic trailer a couple days ago and thought “hmm, that’s not gameplay,” well then you’re in luck because Devolver Digital has just released a developer gameplay update for the upcoming Serious Sam 4. Showcasing the battle scenarios players will engage in, enemy types you’ll face, the insane weapons you can wield, the heavy drums of the music and the all new Legion System which will allow for thousands and thousands of enemies on screen at once.

Don’t let the bombastic features fool you though, sounds like Serious Sam 4 is going to be pretty hard. And by the looks of the new Legion System, I wouldn’t doubt that for a moment as previous SS games were sometimes so ridiculously evil in difficulty it was hard not to think the developers were just laughing at you, which they probably were to be honest. Check out some of the new gameplay features and what the developers had to say about the all-new Serious Sam game coming in just a few months.

You know how they say in Doom Eternal that the player isn’t trapped with the demons but the demons are trapped with the DOOM slayer? Yeah, well, Serious Sam pretty much started that. Instead of tight, confined arenas on various galactic set pieces, Serious Sam took you to jungles, deserts and all sorts of crazy locales.

Serious Sam 4 is launching some time in August of this year for PC on Steam and Google Stadia.

What do you think of the gameplay update? Are you excited for Serious Sam 4? Which of the previous games have you played? And which one was your favorite? Let us know!