Remakes are one thing, remasters are another, remaking an old game as a remaster in a newer engine is something completely wild, but one of those things that’s wholly unique to the modding scene. Ever since there have been sequels, fans have tried to remake their favorite classics in the new engines, whether that’s remaking the entirety of Oblivion in Skyrim, or recreating the original Half-Life in Half-Life 2’s engine.

And now comes the latest addition to this interesting group of mods, Fallout 4: New Vegas, which is, as you might have guessed from the name of the mod and the title of this article, Fallout: New Vegas recreated in Fallout 4’s engine.

Take a look at this classic scene from FNV with everyone’s favorite lottery winner, all done up in a new swanky engine and voice acting. Mmm just smell that air! Couldn’t you drink it like booze?

The mod even includes the classic perk selection system which you can see in action on the rest of the channel, where the creators show off even more of the game’s development over the years.

Fallout New Vegas is widely considered one of the best Fallout games out there, but it certainly isn’t the prettiest one to look at. The Fallout 4: New Vegas mod aims to rectify that by bringing the world of New Vegas into Fallout 4’s engine and even includes previously cut content from the original game.

Unfortunately, since this is understandably a huge project to undertake, it will take some time to complete and there is currently no way to download or experience this wonderful mod just yet. But it’s nice to know it’s still continuing on, so hopefully, fingers crossed, we can get our hands on it soon?

What do you think of the mod? Are you excited for a Fallout New Vegas remake inside Fallout 4’s engine? What are you excited to see updated? Let us know!

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"I put lots of hours, at least in my personal opinion of what lots of hours is, into New Vegas. Didn't like Fallout 4 for whatever reason. Looks like I get the best of both worlds. Looking forward to it!"
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