2K has officially revealed the Mafia: Trilogy, a collection of all 3 games packed into one neat bundle. Each game has been remastered with enhanced graphics like 4K support, and include all the DLC available for each title. Though if you don't fancy like getting the entire trilogy, you can also purchase each game separately.

Both the Mafia 2: Definitive Edition and Mafia 3: Definitive Edition are available right now, whilst those looking for the remake of the original game will have to wait until August 28th to see the Mafia: Definitive Edition.

The original Mafia game has seen the most improvements in terms of graphics, as it's been built from the ground up as a complete remake with enhanced visuals and 4K compatibility.

Mafia 2 has also gotten a slight upgrade, but not as significantly as some might have hoped. It seems that it now has 4K resolution support along with all the DLC included, not much else it seems.

Finally, Mafia 3 is re-introduced in the package, with no visual improvements but all the DLC is included at least.

However, in a move that's most certainly going to please some customers, if you already have Mafia 2 or Mafia 3 in your games library, then you'll automatically have them upgraded to the definitive editions at no extra cost. Plus, owning a combination of the titles will reward you with a special reduced-price discount for the rest of the games.

Those that preorder the entire trilogy altogether will receive both the Mafia 2 and Mafia 3 definitive editions right now, and also receive the Mafia: Definitive Edition when it becomes available in August.

Welcome to the family.

The Mafia Trilogy is available to purchase now and includes all 3 Mafia games on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Mafia 2: Definitive Edition and Mafia 3: Definitive Edition are available right now whilst Mafia: Definitive Edition is available August 28th.

What do you think of the reveal? Are you excited for the Mafia: Trilogy? Which one are you most excited for? And what's more important? Family, power, or respect? Let us know!