Ever wanted to live out your fantasy of robbing some stores and running away with the money? Have you recently been watching that crime gangster show on TV called Peaky Blinders? Well Rainbow Six Siege has, the new limited-time event called “The Grand Larceny” suits everyone up in old-timey operator skins to duke it out on Hereford base whilst risking it all to steal that sweet sweet dough.

Two groups come to a head in a familiar place. The gunshots ring through the hallways of the Headquarters as they clash. There’s valuable loot on the line, and these Operators will stop at nothing to claim them. Will you make it out alive with a fortune, or will you fall in the crossfire?

Rainbow Six Siege: The Grand Larceny will run from May 5th to 19th and feature brand new operator and weapon skins along with all-new crazy rules. The first major difference is that there is no normal objective like rescuing a hostage, defusing a bomb, or securing an area, instead there will be safeboxes scattered throughout the map. Defenders must stop the enemy from reaching these safeboxes, whilst attackers must do all they can to secure as many as possible.

But the next gameplay change will encounter a lot of fun, as every operator available in the event will be equipped with only a main shotgun, no pistols, no assault rifles, no ballistic shields. In addition to this, floors and ceilings within the map will no longer have metal beams within them, which is perfect for the intense shotgun battles that will ensue.

Obviously, no Rainbow Six Siege event comes without a collection of cosmetic items to unlock, and the Grand Larceny includes 31 unlockable items through special Event Challenges or purchased in the store. The items included are the same ones found on each operator in the limited-time event.

Rainbow Six Siege: The Gran Larceny is available for the next two weeks starting today (May 7th) until May 19th.

What do you think of the new event? Have you jumped in and tried it yet? What has been your favorite event so far? Let us know!