Horizon: Zero Dawn gained a lot of traction recently due to the announcement of a PC release, but something that has been kept quiet for a while now is the news of a sequel. The hugely successful open-world RPG is bound to get a sequel after it’s critical reception and numerous awards, and current rumors suggest that an entire trilogy is in the works.

Guerilla Games, the developers behind Zero Dawn and previous PlayStation titles like the Killzone series, are apparently working on Horizon: Zero Dawn 2 for next-gen consoles. Initial plans were to release the sequel on the PlayStation 4, but quickly changed when Sony approached the games company about a possible next-gen release (those “adaptive triggers” from the PS5 controller reveal may have been a substantial hint towards the game's development).

Zero Dawn 2 will reportedly feature a much larger map than the original with more freedom to explore it. Most importantly however, the sequel apparently will feature full co-op functionality, a feature that was planned for the original but eventually scrapped closer to release.

Of course, as this is a rumor there is no confirmation any of this is true as of yet. If there ever will be an official announcement we reckon it will be part of the PS5 reveal’s lineup of launch titles if anything. Additionally, none of the rumors suggested a PC release for the sequel, but considering the first game was announced for a PC release recently, Sony will most likely bring the sequel to PC depending on how successful the first game’s launch on the platform goes.

What do you think? Will there be a Horizon: Zero Dawn 2? Will it be a launch title for the PlayStation 5? And will it ever come to PC? Let us know your thoughts!