A week ago we got our first look at player forts in Torchlight 3, detailing some key aspects of the customization we can find when Torchlight 3 releases later this year. Players can fully customize their lot of land any way they want, with whatever decorations they craft or find in the world. Now the developers have released a slightly better look at the upcoming sequel with the video below.

When Torchlight III releases on PC later this year, players will have the opportunity to build and customize their very own fortress on the frontier. Forts allow each adventurer to leave their personal mark on the world, as these structures can be personalized and adorned with treasures that have been crafted or earned through combat. Forts also serve as an important hub where players can meet up with friends, progress their characters, plus swap out skills and entire armor sets.

So do you want to create a lovely safe haven and show off all your most valuable trinkets you’ve collected over your campaign? Or do you want to build an evil lair to discourage all players who dare to enter your base of wicked operations? Do you want lush green vines? Or the bones of your enemies?

I must say it does look interesting to be able to customize these areas to such a degree, however there’s no clear answer as to whether this will be set area of a specific size and shape, or whether players can eventually expand their fort in weird and wonderful shapes and sizes.

Torchlight 3 is planned to release on PC later this year in 2020, with a console release planned for shortly after.

What do you think? Are you still excited for Torchlight 3? What kind of fort will you build? Let us know!