Forget Baby Yoda, now we can finally take adorable pictures of BB! Have you been up at night wondering about the perfect photos you might take of Sam and the lush environments of Death Stranding? Or standing outside on your porch, looking out at the setting sun bewildered by the fact that there are no good photo modes in games at the moment?

Well no more! Hideo Kojima himself has posted a video on his twitter showcasing the abilities of the photo mode in Death Stranding, including some super cinematic screenshots, some wicked photos shredding down a mountain, a nostalgic memento of that one camping trip you had with some strange lady in a cocoon bag (I don’t know I haven’t played Death Stranding yet, is she someone important?), even an adorable photo of BB outlined in a love heart, awww.

Thanks, Kojima!

Along with the addition of the photo mode are a bunch of new features and content for the PC version, which you can read more about here.

Death Stranding is coming to PC via Steam on June 2nd.

Are you excited for Death Stranding on PC? Will you be using the photo mode? What other good photo modes are out there? Let us know!