While some of the finer gameplay elements of Humankind are still comparatively unknown to us, visually, at least, Amplitude’s 4X strategy game takes Civilization VI out back and superplexes it through a bin. Seriously, they’ve got Civ VI looking like a quaint little mobile game.

If, like me, you’re keen to find out more about the design decisions surrounding Humankind, its visual style, and the creation of those epic map terrains, then the new trailer does fill in plenty of blanks.

Having honed its skills on the Endless series, Amplitude is gunning for a lifelike focus for Humankind, presenting realistic biomes which stretch from pole to pole. The flora and fauna will alter depending on the biome and terrain type, from vast deserts to frigid forests. Terrain plays a big part in the gameplay as well, boosting or blocking line of sight, providing crucial resources and, in the case of record-breaking deserts and lakes, allowing the founders to benefit from economic boosts.

"To make the world more visually appealing and strategically interesting, we also added various landmarks," explains art director Aurelien Rantet. "So each tile has a different terrain type that gives you different yields. It also has strategic and luxury resources that fuel your economy and military. If you're the first to find the highest mountain, the longest river, or the biggest desert, you will be able to name it and it will give you more cultural influence. If you are lucky, you will be able to find a unique natural wonder and it will make you even more famous."

The previous developer diary took a look at the origins of Humankind, including he inspirations and ideas behind Amplitude's imperious Civ competitor.

Published by Sega, Humankind will be coming to PC (through Steam) at some point in 2020.