Oops, it seems like someone’s not too pleased with the Epic Games Store.

Currently, if you search for ‘Steam store’ through Google, the store description simply says “FUCK EPIC GAMES STORE”, along with what looks to be a badly aligned ASCII middle-finger.

Either there’s a rogue employee at Valve who’s finally had enough of Tim Sweeney and company at Epic Games, or perhaps some nefarious sort has managed to hack it themselves. Whatever the case, it’s good for a laugh. 

Normally, all of this information is pulled in by Google's bots from site code, extracting the specific metadata to provide the link descriptor. Somehow, this message has originated from Valve's official Steam site, that much is certain.

It looks as if the message originated from here, a review for Metro Exodus on Steam. Quite how this ended up on Steam's Google description is a matter of some mystery though.

What do you reckon's behind this rogue attack at Epic's character? Is it a sentiment you can get behind? Let us know!