It looks as if that Gothic Remake playable teaser released late last year was a resounding success. THQ Nordic launched the free Gothic prototype to test and the waters and see if there was enough interest in a full remake. The answer, we now know, is an emphatic yes.

Gothic Remake has now been given the green light by publisher THQ Nordic. Fans were asked in a survey whether they’d be up for re-imagining of the cult Germanic RPG, with a vast majority of 94.8% throwing their hat in with the ayes. We finally have living proof that 5.2% of people are absolutely misers.

For now, this project is still very much early doors. THQ Nordic will now be establishing a studio based in Barcelona, Spain, which will be tasked with assessing what players did and didn’t like from the Gothic playable taser. It looks as if the original developer, Piranha Bytes, won't be involved. Then begins the weighty task of developing the thing, which looks as if it could be a good few years off.

"We are up for the challenge to develop a full Gothic Remake which will stay as faithfully as possible to the original experience and transport the atmospheric world of Gothic into a high quality look and carefully modernizing certain gameplay mechanics," says Reinhard Pollice, business and product development director at THQ Nordic.

Gothic Remake will be coming to PC and next-generation platforms, although there is no release window just yet.