Humble has just rolled out regional pricing for its bundles across a swath of territories. Humble Bundle customers from Europe, the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Turkey, Russia and the Philippines can now pick up the various bundles in their local currency rather than converting from US Dollars.

Unfortunately, it does appear as if the change may have resulted in various price rises across the board. The price changes are a direct conversion from USD rather than adapting to truly regional prices.

Regional storefronts like Steam often offer cheaper prices in Russia and the Philippines but Humble users are stuck paying the equivalent of $20 for the Premium bundle regardless of where they are.

The prices are going to vary slightly depending on which territory you’re in as well. Having a quick glance, it looks as if Canadians and European countries outside the EU could be set for a fairly hefty price hike. As an example, a Turkish user on Reddit has said Temtem is now 210 Turkish Lira on Humble, while it’s just 79 Turkish Lira on Steam.

It’s a bit of a mixed bag, and arguably not even regional pricing whatsoever. Humble is merely adding support for more local currencies rather than adapting the price to the various economies.