2K dropped a press release recently that confirmed our suspicions about a new Bioshock game in the making. This next Bioshock instalment has been around in development since 2015, but the studios creating the title were changed back in 2017. And during this transition to a new studio meant original code was binned and a new direction/management was conceived.

The studio reported to now be creating the new Bioshock is Cloud Chamber, stationed in 2K's offices in Novato, California. It was originally being dev'd in Austin before being brought in-house by 2K.

Its also worth mentioning here that the studio behind Bioshock 1 and 3 closed down in 2014 shortly after its final game's release in 2013.

Despite this the Bioshock series has always been well received, since its first arrival back in August 2007. The survival action horror was set in a wonderfully imagined underwater steam punk city, where the story of its inhabitants and creator were unravelled during the adventure. It was said on numerous occasions that Bioshock Infinite was going to be the last in the Bioshock series, but last yeah a 2K game going by the codename Parkside was being talked about.

Every time Bioshock turns up we get a new action shooter, with a beautifully imagined world to explore. They are unique in letting us experience a world built in unsual elements, always well presented with a cartoon style horror to them, that does a wonderful job of parodying our modern world. These realms have included the underwater tunnels of Bioshock 1 and a city built in the clouds in Bioshock Infinite.

We are certainly excited to see where Bioshock 4 might take us, perhaps the game will be set in an underground flame and lava world, a city built amongst the deep caves of an active volcano.

But with the Bioshock 4 announcement came the clear message that we shouldnt expect getting our hands on the next Bioshock for a number of years yet.