All aboard the hype train. Sony has confirmed the final State of Play episode of 2019 will be taking place this coming Tuesday, December 10th, at 6am PT / 2pm GMT / 3pm CET. 

A whole host of announcements and release dates can be found in today's Sony State of Play episode, as it showcases Resident Evil 3 Remake, with a release date of April 3rd, along with a bunch of other interesting titles featuring in the trailer.

Check out the Sony State Of Play video below

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Sony will see out the year with a showcase which will stretch on for roughly 20 minutes, where we’re promised new PlayStation 4 game reveals, release date announcements, all-new gameplay footage, and updates from PlayStation Worldwide Studios.

It’s still a big mystery what exactly is going to be shown although Sucker Punch’s Ghost of Tsushima looks to be nailed on. The Ghost of Tsushima official YouTube playlist was updated yesterday, indicating a new private video has been added behind the scenes. Could it be time for a release date reveal?

The other likelihood is we get a confirmation that Dreams will be leaving Early Access. The Early Access edition is only available to purchase on the PSN store until this Saturday, December 7th, so it’s probably going to be switched out with the full retail release which will include a proper story campaign.

For those looking out for PlayStation 5 news, it sounds as if we’re still going to have to wait until 2020 to hear news on Sony’s next-generation console. “It probably bears repeating,” says Sony, “don’t expect any updates related to our next-gen plans in this episode.” Boooooo.

What are you expecting to see during what will probably be the final State of Play before the PS5 is revealed? Share your hopes below!