Research conducted through an independent survey has demonstrated a surge in popularity for AMD processors over the past two years. While Intel has long been the dominant force in the CPU market, Europe, at least, is being pulled in by the allure of AMD Ryzen.

The survey was conducted by the European Hardware Association (EHA) and polled over 10,000 European residents. Of those asked, more than 60% said they’d choose an AMD CPU over an Intel CPU. By contrast, just 40% showed a preference for AMD when another survey was run in 2018, showcasing a 50% rise in consumer preference for AMD processors.

“The surge in preference from 50% to 60% over recent months, can be explained by the launch of AMD’s latest 3rd generation Ryzen desktop CPU,” said EHA chairman Koen Crijns. “Ryzen 3000 not only offers better performance under multi-threaded workloads, but also under lightly-threaded applications like PC games.

“The last three years has seen AMD gain a lot of momentum in the enthusiast segment. With the Ryzen series of CPUs, AMD has eliminated any lingering performance gaps, while offering a great price/performance ratio.”

Naturally, a few alarm bells may be ringing in regards to the source of these numbers. Digging around, the EHA is a collection of member sites such as Kituru,, SweClockers and Cowcotland, all pooling together their consumer research to help better understand market patterns. On this front, the EHA would appear to be wholly independent from the hardware manufacturers themselves.

With that out of the way, the figures themselves are certainly interesting and speak to a wider truth among PC gamers. Even some casual reading of the tea leaves would tell you that AMD is undoubtedly favoured right now. AMD has brought prices down while dramatically improving the performance efficiency of its own CPUs, causing a knock-on effect to Intel’s inflated pricing. 

Once we get into graphics cards though, things get a little murkier. Despite AMD’s progress with 7nm fabrication and the launch of the Radeon RX 5700 series, Nvidia still has greater breadth and depth to its graphics card line-up. It’s far easier to point out a reason for picking up a GeForce video card than it is an AMD Radeon, and you’d think that would be hurting AMD. Not so says the data though, with the survey of 10,000 consumers finding that AMD is currently closing the gap. It’s still not anywhere close, mind, with Nvidia the preferred choice for 72.8% of those surveyed.

“While Nvidia is still the dominant force in this segment and 72.8% of the technology enthusiasts, early adopters and influencers who read EHA publications would choose GeForce, the launch of AMD’s aggressively priced Radeon RX 5700 and 5700 XT products has made an impact,” Crijns goes on to say. “Back in May, less than 19% of our readers were choosing AMD graphics. Today that number is closer to 23%.

“Our most recent survey shows that people who prefer AMD GPUs almost exclusively combine them with AMD CPUs. The combination of Intel CPU with AMD GPU only accounts for 2.9% of the results”.

AMD is winning over the hearts and minds of PC gamers then, but is working for you? Should Intel and Nvidia we seriously worried about AMD’s recent fight back? Let us know!

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