Turn-based tactical strategy fans are in for a bit of a treat tomorrow because Phoenix Point comes to PC. The granddaddy of tactics is behind this one, Julian Gollop of X-COM and Laser Squad fame. 

For fans of Firaxis’ rebirth of the XCOM franchise, this is all very familiar territory. Gollop’s the man who started it all though, so he’s not exactly cribbing from the excellent XCOM: Enemy Unknown. Just as with XCOM, Phoenix Point is turn-based tactical strategy with small squads of soldiers and, naturally, an alien invasion.

As Phoenix Point is out tomorrow, it’s obviously launch trailer time as well. Here we get a nice peek at what’s in store, including the gigantic crab-like enemies, vehicles, and the familiar limb targeting system. There’s also a Valkyria Chronicles-type free aiming system for those wanting to hit weak spots, so that could be pretty interesting.

The system requirements for Phoenix Point were revealed some time ago but you can refresh yourself on those right over here. It’s not a massively demanding game but the recommended spec GTX 1060 or Radeon R9 390X may give a few folks pause for thought.

We had mistakenly thought that Phoenix Point would be out tomorrow on Xbox as well, but it isn’t. Developer Snapshot Games has confirmed it’ll be available on PC from December 3rd (via the Epic Games Store or Xbox Game Pass for PC) and in Q1 2020 for Xbox One along with Xbox Game Pass.

We’ll have impressions and performance reports from Phoenix Point tomorrow.