Quantic Dream has dated all three its three narrative-driven adventures for release on PC. Heavy Rain, Beyond: Two Souls, and Detroit: Become Human were all PlayStation exclusives and will be coming to PC for the first time throughout this year.

The French studio is opting to release this trio in the same order they released on PlayStation consoles. Heavy Rain will be first up on June 24th, Beyond: Two Souls will drop a month later on July 22nd, and Detroit: Become Human will launch in the Autumn.

Heavy Rain

  • Demo: May 24
  • Full Release: June 24

Beyond: Two Souls

  • Demo: June 27
  • Full Release: July 22

Detroit: Become Human

  • Demo: Summer
  • Full Release: Fall

All three of those games are timed exclusives on the Epic Games Store, arriving on other PC storefronts at a later date. The two older games (Heavy Rain & Beyond: Two Souls) will be budget $20 releases, while Detroit: Become Human will be $40 at launch.

The PC system requirements for Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls are available now. Head on over to their game pages to see if your rig's up to the task. Detroit's are still unknown. It's a bit of a graphical powerhouse though, so we reckon Ultra could require some lofty specs.