No game these days is complete without a robust post-launch content roadmap (or at least once the roadmap content is actually out), and Rage 2 is going to be no different. Bethesda has outlined about six months of additional content coming to the post-apocalyptic open-world shooter, comprising a mix of paid expansions and smaller freebies.

Bethesda really doesn’t want console owners trading in their copies of Rage 2 once they’re done, you see, and it’s probably going to be a handy way to sell a £30 season pass. There is currently no season pass for Rage 2 available to buy, although there is a £60 Rage 2 Deluxe Edition that comes with just one of the expansion packs. As ever with these things, our advice is not to buy a season pass until you actually know what the content is and whether it’s even worth playing.

Anyway, onwards, it’s time to take a look at Rage 2’s ‘Content Calendar 2019’. Launch days are a thing of the past it seems, we now deal in launch years.

Starting this month, Rage 2 launches, along with some new wasteland challenges, weapon skins, and a world event called ‘Bring the Ruckus’.

Then, in June, we get the tongue-in-cheek ‘Day 30 Update’, which may be a small jab at the proliferation of day one updates? Who knows, but id Software and Avalanche Studios will be hoping for a smooth launch. In June we get a new world event, more wasteland challenges, weapon skins, and new cheat codes to mess around with. It’s much the same in July, albeit with a one-wheeler vehicle to ride around. If it’s not a unicycle with turbo thrusters then we’ll be disappointed.

Things kick up a gear in August with the arrival of Rage 2’s first paid expansion - Rise of the Ghosts. It sounds fairly meaty on paper, complete with a new story, new areas to explore, an additional enemy faction, extra weapons, abilities, and vehicles.

And lastly, in Autumn 2019, we get the second paid expansion. It’s much the same deal, albeit minus a new enemy faction.

Rage 2 is out tomorrow on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Reviews drop at 1pm BST today, and we’ll be updating our Rage 2 ‘Predict the Score’ review article with the aggregated scores.