UPDATE: Aaaand, the first wave of Rage 2 reviews are in. It's a mixed one alright, earning a wide-ranging set of reviews which stretch from a measly 50% up to a mighty 94%. 

The average critic score was 72% according to OpenCritic, which is fairly middling, to say the least.

Congratulations to the solitary person that got it right!

We're still waiting on our code to come through sadly, for all that benchmarking goodness. The initial reception points towards Rage 2 being a top-tier shooter, with many similarities to Doom in terms of mechanics,  this time with a sandbox open-world and plenty of wacky side-content.

However, this is tapered by some tepid mission design, some general dislike for the setting, and quests which don't often use the strength of the open-world. Length is also a bugbear in some reviews, with some claiming 10-20 hours to mainline through Rage 2. That sounds decent enough to me when you add the side-content on top, but folks seem to love longer and longer games these days.

It sounds as if those who got a big kick out of Doom should find something to love in Rage 2 then, but it may not be enough to earn new converts to the cause.


Original Story: 11-May-2019 - Predict the Score - Rage 2 Reviews

We’re barrelling towards Rage 2’s May 14th release date like a freak in a rocket-fuelled schoolbus. The joint talents of id Software and Avalanche Studios promise to lend Rage 2 a pretty exquisite blend of open-world carnage and ultra-slick first-person-shooter action.

At its best, Rage 2 could be like a greatest hits package of Just Cause, Mad Max, and Doom. At its worst, Rage 2 could be like, well, Rage. The jury’s still out there.

So we’re going to try something new, just for fun - Predict the Score. The concept is nice and simple. All you do is vote for the average review score you think Rage 2 is going to get and, if you want, let everyone know why in the comments section below. Add your score in the comments before the embargo lifts for some extra validation, don't let those doubters ruin your glorious moment.

Then, on review day, we'll update this article with the average review score (from review aggregator OpenCritic), and then you can gloat about your Nostradamus-like ability, or marvel at how Rage 2 has exceeded expectations/blown itself to smithereens (delete as appropriate).

Rage 2 Review Embargo:

The Rage 2 review embargo lifts on May 13th at 5am PST / 8am EST / 1pm BST.

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