What is Rage 2? asks the new Rage 2 trailer. Stop right there Bethesda, because I think we’ve all pieced together that it’s the successor to Rage. In truth, Rage 2 does look like a whole lot more than that though, being a new Rage in name only.

From the collective minds behind Doom, Mad Max, and Just Cause, Rage 2 is everything you’d expect a mash-up of those games to be. It looks frankly ridiculous, and it’s got a BFG 9000 in it which should be enough to set id fans’ pulses racing.

They’re throwing in the kitchen sink with this one, offering open-world run and gun gameplay, vehicular mayhem, destruction derbies, a hell of an arsenal at your fingertips, and upgradeable superpowers. It sounds like an awesome combo, in theory, let’s just hope the final product can live up to manic promises.

Rage 2 comes to PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One, on May 14th.