With seemingly every developer content to chase the looter shooter craze, actual new MMORPGs are few and far between. Albion Online certainly isn’t anything new, now celebrating its second birthday, but it has just gone free-to-play and opened its doors to anyone and everyone.

As of yesterday, April 10th, Albion Online is free to download and to play, with the caveat of all the usual in-game transactions and premium currencies we’ve come to accept/abhor (delete as appropriate).

If you’ve been mulling over the idea of hopping into Albion Online then now’s probably a better time than ever. The population is sure to be given a boost, particularly at lower levels. From what I remember, Albion Online is hosted on one giant megaserver so there shouldn’t too many issues on that front.

It’s a fantasy, top-down sandbox RPG with a totally freeform player-driven economy and quite a large focus on PvP combat. It’s all a bit Runescape-y, to be honest, with all the usual fishing, farming, crafting, gathering, and other bits and bobs to get busy with. There’s a hint of Diablo too in the randomised dungeon system that continually generates new dungeons throughout the world.

You can download and play Albion Online for free directly from its store or, more simply, just grabbing it through Steam. It would appear it’s getting review-bombed right now due to the F2P switch, although I’ve got no idea how the game’s actually shaped up over the last couple of years but I may give it a whirl this weekend.