Borderlands 3's Epic Store exclusivity is set in stone, but now we've got a brand spanking new 'announce' trailer to go along with it. Look, we know the game was announced last week but let's just play along with Gearbox for now.

Borderlands 3 will be available in three different editions, appropriately enough, covering a Standard Edition (£50/$60), a Deluxe Edition (£65/$80), and a Super Deluxe Edition £85/$100). The Standard Edition comes with just the base game; the Deluxe includes five content packs filled with character and weapon skins, trinkets, mods, and more, while the Super Deluxe includes all that plus a Season Pass with four campaign DLC packs and an exclusive 'Butt Stallion' cosmetic pack. The Super Deluxe Edition will rise to $120 after Borderlands 3's launch. Gulp.

Okay, and here's where things get interesting. The Deluxe and Super Deluxe editions come with boost mods that can be used to increase XP earn rates and loot drops. Pay up more cash and you'll be more powerful and scoring better loot. Borderlands 3 isn't a competitive game so it's not a game breaker, but it certainly raises a few interesting questions.

Anyway, on with the new trailer:

Okay, so what's new? There are four new Vault hunters for players, comprising Moze, Amara, Zane, and FL4K. Moze is a soldier with an Iron Bear mech; Amanda is a Siren with other-worldly arms that extend from her body to deliver a beatdown; Zane is a hitman who can utilise a Digi-clone to draw entire fire, and FL4k is a robot who's got a menagerie of battle-trained pets.

The big baddies are the Calypso Twins, a brother and sister outfit who've united the bandit clans and are attempting to obtain a galaxy-destroying superpower. Naturally, it'll be down to you and up to three other Vault Hunters to track down the Calypso Twins and put an end to their devious ways.

Keeping on the co-op element for a moment, players will now find themselves power-aligned with their teammates regardless of their levels and gear. You'll be able to play with mates more powerful or weaker than you and yet still earn appropriate loot rewards. This loot should be wilder than ever thanks to more than a billion different weapon combinations. Some guns can now switch between elements on the fly; others have alternate fire modes or custom bullets.

Aside from that, Borderlands 3 will also take players to multiple planets for the first time, rather than merely sticking to Pandora. This should translate far more varied environments as players go planet-hopping.

And finally, that controversial Epic Store exclusivity. It's a done deal, and it appears to be a timed six-month deal, although this hasn't been specifically confirmed yet. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford chimed in with an odd statement today, saying "It’s not my call, but if Gaben legit announces Half-Life 3, I will use all the leverage and influence I can to get our game on Valve’s store as soon as reasonably possible. No promises, but I would go as bananas for HL3 as you all are going for Borderlands 3."

This is the same man who said the following yesterday:

Pitchford can try to use his leverage to get Borderlands 3 on Steam if Half-Life 3 is announced, but also says he has no say over any publishing decisions in regards to Borderlands 3. Those two statements don't quite tally up.

Borderlands 3 comes to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on September 13th.