FIFA 19 fans rejoice, for the hideously unbalanced Timed Shooting and Finesse Shots have been addressed in FIFA 19 Title Update #7.

Title Update 7 for FIFA 19 provides a dramatic nerf to both these shot types, majorly rebalancing the game. Previously, even Red and Yellow Timed Finesse Shots would find the inside of the goalpost with unerring accuracy, while now there’s a much greater spread of shot types. In the examples below, the blue lines don’t necessarily indicate a  goal but they are on target.

FIFA 19 Red Timed Finesse Shots Before and After Patch 7

The other sure-fire method of scoring in FIFA 19 was Timed Shots though, a feature new to FIFA  this year. All you need to do is press shoot to power up the shot bar, then press shoot again at the point of impact. EA Sports’ aim here was to encourage players to nail both power and timing. Hit green power and perfect timing and you’ve got a great shot on your hand.

The problem with the new system stemmed from Yellow and Red Timed Shots having barely any accuracy penalty for excessive power. This meant as long as players could get the timing right they could blast unsavable power shots in FIFA 19, time and again. Players have been complaining about this issue in FIFA 19 since launch and with update 7 there is now a far greater risk in going for Yellow or Red Timed Power Shots.

FIFA 19 No Timing Before and After Patch 7

There is a now greater variance in where shots with bad timing will go in FIFA 19, as well as a smaller window to hit Green Timing. 

FIFA 19 Green Timing Before and After Patch 7

Update 7 is live now in FIFA 19  on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.