Not one to be outdone by Anthem’s hype machine, fellow co-op loot shooter The Division 2 has been given its own in-depth gameplay trailer, this time taking a look at big changes coming to The Division 2’s multiplayer.

The entirety of The Division 2 is actually multiplayer, so this trailer really concerns itself with the PvP elements found across the Dark Zones and Conflict. The Division fans will all-too-familiar with its Dark Zone, but in The Division 2, there will actually be three Dark Zones, each offering a different environment that can force players to adapt their play style. These are the imaginatively titled Dark Zone East, Dark Zone West and Dark Zone South. East is your classic Washington wide open streets, West takes places in the downtown suburbs, while South is an overgrown wasteland where stealth is key.

It’s in the Dark Zones where you’ll find TD2’s best loot, although other players will be on the hunt for it too. Each Dark Zone is a sectioned off area where PvP can take place and can support up to 12 players simultaneously. There are also AI mobs rolling place and bosses with top loot, but the tricky part comes in extracting your hard-earned loot via helicopter. Just as in the original, other players can steal your gear you see, and they’ll be on the hunt for anyone with a massive tote bag trying to call in a chopper. Players will be split into tiers depending upon their level, while gear will be balanced to even out the playing field.

In one of the biggest changes, The Division 2 will feature three different Rogue statuses rather than just one. There is the Rogue for folks engaging in non-lethal anti-agent activity (hacking, etc), Disavowed Rogue for violent anti-agent activity (a spot of casual murder), and Manhunt Status for the highest priority targets (the Dark Zones’ serial killers).

Just to make things a little more confusing, at any time one of the three Dark Zones can become ‘Occupied’. In this situation, friendly fire is on, Rogue agents are identified, and it’s every man, woman and child for themselves. It’s the Occupied Dark Zone where The Division 2’s absolute best loot will be found.

I do love the way they say “seven months after the outbreak, Washington D.C. is on the brink of collapse”. The brink?! Nearly everyone’s dead and the place is a lethal war zone. I’d love to see what it’s meant to look like when D.C. has collapsed.

Anyway, The Division 2 is coming to PC, PS4 and Xbox One on March 15th. Ahead of then, you can enjoy the private beta weekend on February 7th, but more on that here.