We’re barreling toward’s Anthem’s release date faster than a well-oiled Javelin and BioWare is really beginning to fill us in on the glorious nitty-gritty details of its co-op online action-RPG.

Anthem is rolling with a pretty similar setup to Destiny in terms of gear. Each individual item has a level score attached which contributes to an overall Gear Score. The higher the Gear Score, the more powerful the Javelin is. Each Javelin has two slots for Offensive Gear, one for Support Gear, two Weapons, six Components, and one Ultimate Power. It appears as if armour won’t count towards your Gear Score and will be purely cosmetic.

Players will be able to own all four Javelin types simultaneously, and each can be equipped with multiple custom loadouts depending on the mission that’s being attempted.

Anyway, this latest, fairly extensive look at Anthem delves into the Javelins, customisation, and progression systems in Anthem, including the various and the loot-driven gameplay loop.

Anthem launches on February 22nd for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. If you sub to Origin Access Premiere you can get yourself in a week earlier, on February 15th.

Ahead of then, there is a beta/demo for Anthem that takes place from Friday, 1st February through to Sunday, 3rd February. If you pre-order Anthem then you can get access to an extra beta test on Friday, 25th January to Sunday, 27th January.

And in the meantime, do be sure to check out Anthem’s recently updated PC system requirements to ensure your system’s ship shape and ready to roll.