As has become standard for a lot of AAA titles these days, Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 has been updated to include microtransactions a few weeks after its launch. That’s nothing new, it’s a similar deal to what we’ve already seen with Call of Duty multiple times over the years. However, a new level of insanity has been added thanks to Sony’s exclusive partnership with Activision for COD: Black Ops 4.

Part of Activision and Sony’s deal is all new content comes to PS4 seven days before any other platform. Hilariously, this also includes the update to add microtransactions. PlayStation 4 owners have the exclusive benefit of being able to buy microtransactions and currency bundles seven days before anyone else. Take that PC and Xbox One players, what a big get for PS4.

To my mind, this is just craziness. Exclusive early access to multiplayer content is one thing, but exclusive early access to the privilege of paying for microtransactions? That’s just bizarre.

As for what the microtransactions in COD BLOPS 4 actually include, right now it’s limited to Special Orders. Players can buy currency packs which can then be used to unlock Special Orders. These are tasks which must then be completed in order to unlock the cosmetic item, such as a new skin. The Special Orders are time-limited and will roll in and out based upon special events.

COD Points packs are available in variously sized bundles, with greater discounts the larger the pack is. At the moment the COD Points packs cap out at $40 for 5,000 COD Points. A single Special Order costs 500 to 800 COD Points.

Well, er, I can probably guess what most of your answers are going to be, but what do you make of this move from Activision and Sony? Does this make you want to rush out and buy a PS4? Let us know!