The annual CitizenCon is in full swing and CIG fans are in place to celebrate all things Star Citizen. Does anybody us chuckle at the irony of Star Citizen’s fan event being called CitizenCon? No, just me? I’ll get my coat.

Anyway, cheap digs aside, there’s a new trailer for Star Citizen’s single-player Squadron 42 campaign which is quite possibly the most impressive trailer for it yet, despite the lack of gameplay.

Throughout the story footage, there’s a layer of cinematic panache that we just haven’t seen from CIG up until this point. Space combat games have fallen by the wayside in recent years, but single-player fans could be in for an absolute treat when Squadron 42 arrives.

Character models, animation and voice acting are also bang on point too. Gillian Anderson and Mark Hamill are instantly recognisable, as are Gary Oldman Mark Strong, and lurking beneath the menacing alien exterior is Andy Serkis.

“Join the brave men and women of the 2nd Fleet as they stand strong against the greatest threats the UEE has ever faced. Will you answer the call?” asks Cloud Imperium Games. Star Citizen - Squadron 42 is set during the year 2945 and features the Earth’s Navy fending off the alien Vanduul invasion. It’s set to feature full space combat, planet landings, and even FPS shooting aboard ships. Think of it a bit like Halo, but with the ambition dialed up to 10.

The painful bit now is the eternal wait for a Squadron 42 release date. CIG has said it plans to release an updated Squadron 42 roadmap in December, which could well be the time we fairly have a (tentative) date.