Just in case you missed it, a free demo for Pro Evolution Soccer 2019 is now available on PC (through Steam), PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It provides exhibition matches and even the opportunity for online play. Naturally, we were keen to see how PES 2019 looks and runs on PC, and our first port of call is a Low vs Ultra graphics comparison for Pro Evo 2019. 

PES 2019 Low v Ultra Graphics Comparison  

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The screenshots don't do the full difference between Low and Ultra justice, but suffice to say that Pro Evolution 2019 looks a heck of a lot better on Ultra.

This first pair of screenshots provides a comparison of character models. There's much more detailed shading, less aliasing on sharp edges such as the collar of the shirts, and we can see occlusion at play on the seating.

 For whatever reason the grass looks uniformly terrible in the above picture, but below you can get a better picture of what the turf looks like in PES 2019. The grass is thick and wavy on Ultra, and probably the best we've seen yet in a football game. By comparison, Low is a flat, bland texture.

It's nothing often you're going to see details such as the players' boots and the ball up this close, but when you do you're rewarded with an outstanding level of detail. In terms of differences, the grass and the pitch markings are the obvious ones. The texture work on the boots and ball still looks decent even on Low though.

Here's a look at what the general gameplay looks like and, well, football's football. The finer graphical details are swiftly forgotten once PES 2019 is up and running, and during standard gameplay Low and Ultra certainly look comparable. A bit of authenticity is lost along the way, but Pro Evo's sublime animations are still intact even on Low, lending a lifelike feel to proceedings.