The enigmatic Star Citizen is still a difficult thing for us mere mortals to wrap our puny minds around, but those who’ve dropped thousands of dollars into this crowdfunded space venture are already busy exploring the depths of its universe.

One thing we can all understand is shooting each other though, and the more of us there are shooter each other, the better. Handily, new footage has emerged showcasing Star Citizen’s land-based FPS battles so we can what the fuss is all about.

Published by YouTuber ‘Trieye’, the new gameplay shows a 50-man ground battle in Star Citizen, including blasting off from a space station and down to a planet’s surface. What follows is all a bit Planetside, including soldiers scurrying from cover to cover, tanks rolling in and aircraft providing support fire. It’s all well edited, of course, but it looks like decently fun hijinks should Star Citizen ever actually proper launch.

Star Citizen is coming to PC on [insert any year you feel like here].