Star Citizen has a new Legatus Pack that bundles together nearly every ship in the game, totaling 117 in all. The price? A mere $27,000.

For Star Citizen fans, The Legatus Pack contains just about everything they could ever dream of, including the vast array of ships and 163 extra items such as skins, fuel pods, supercolliders, and service equipment. All you need to do to gain access to this is fork over the same money as for 450 brand new $60 AAA games.

Just to top it all off, MMO Pulse claims that spending $1000 in Star Citizen is the minimum required to even look at the contents of the Legatus Pack. We can neither confirm nor deny this as the link goes to a dead page for standard visitors.

It marks the latest in what’s been an ever-expanding list of in-game purchases for Star Citizen, a game which still seems a long way out from even launching. These purchases take the form of pledges, which are essentially crowdfunding Star Citizen’s protracted development. Some can be used in-game already in the closed alpha, although a lot of ships are still to be released.

When, or indeed if, Star Citizen finally launches, it’s going to be interesting to see how these prices fluctuate; whether Cloud Imperium Games will lower the costs and potentially infuriate its current fanbase, or whether the best ships will indeed be locked behind an imperiously loft paywall, one which we’ve been promised can be clambered over through earnable in-game credits.

Has anyone on GD forked over some big bucks for Star Citizen? Can you see the space sim living up to the now-ludicrously high expectations from the fanbase? Let us know your thoughts!

Source: MMO Pulse